Annadurai Auto Driver: Great example of a Remarkable Business


When you go on to take an auto ride, what do you expect from it?

Probably, just that it takes you safely to your destination and the driver is kind and respectful. Right?

But what if I tell you, that an auto driver in Chennai provides magazines, newspapers, tablet, wifi, card swiping machine and much more to his customers and is absolutely committed to not just customer satisfaction but customer delight as well.

The auto driver I’m talking about is Annadurai who drives his auto at OMR Road in Chennai.

I was surprised when I first learnt about Annadurai’s auto driving business and how perfectly he is applying the principles of a remarkable business that even the giants of the game struggle with.

Annadurai Auto driver is a perfect example of how even a mundane business can be turned into a remarkable business by simply doing different and by doing unexpected things.

While researching more about Annadurai Auto driver I found out that the foundation of his remarkable business lies upon 3 core values:

1. Customers are God

One of the reason that he is so much customer oriented and cares for his customers need is because for him customers are not any less than the Almighty.

The most important thing which i believe in is “Athiti Devo Bavah” or how i like to say, “Customers are my real GOD.”

His treatment of customers as ‘God’ helps him in many ways like first of all it makes him committed to help his customers in every way possible and to make sure that they do not face any any kind of problem while they’re doing business with him (or even in general).

When any business treat its customers as God, it opens the door for the business to create a deep connection with its customers even if the business is not remarkable in itself.

Though, treating your customers as a god can also be a way of being remarkable in itself as it sets you apart from those competitors who don’t even bother about their customers. So if you treat your customers as God, you might not need any other element of a remarkable business.

2. Customer Delight

Customer delight is all about surprising/exciting the customers by providing unexpected additional services/facilities along with the core service (which in this case is transportation).

Annadurai’s provides a hell lot of useful additional services/facilities that customers do not expect in an auto such as magazines, newspapers, tablet, wifi, T.V and so on. This clearly proves his commitment to customer delight.

Another thing that shows Annadurai’s commitment to customer delight is that he is always concerned about what his customers wants from him and how he can provide them an even higher value.

For instance, Annadurai used to provide only the magazines in his auto in the beginning but as he realized that most of the people are surfing internet on their phone while in the auto, he started providing tablet and a high speed wifi as well.

3. Customer relationship

Annadurai focus is not to make the quick bucks like most of the autowalas (infact most of the businesses) do. Instead he focuses on building long term relationship with small but heart touching gestures like:

a. Playing a famous song in his auto in a language that his customer speaks. So for example if someone visits Chennai from Gujrat and rides his auto then Anna will play a popular Gujrati song for the person which will make the person feel at home. Small gestures like this makes a huge impact on the customer and deeply connects them with the business.

b. Offering free rides to teachers as he belives that teaching is the most valuable profession in the world. He also offers a special discount on festivals, national holidays, his birthday and more.

The last and the most surprising component that I came across was that Annadurai has even got a loyalty program for his customers which works like this:

He provides a cashback  to his customers when they complete a certain number of rides in his auto:

  • ₹250 when someone completes 20 auto rides.
  • ₹500 when someone completes 30 auto rides.
  • ₹1000 when someone completes 40 auto rides.

He makes between ₹10 to ₹25 bucks per ride which easily enables him to provide this intriguing offer to his customers.

This loyalty program gives a significant leverage to Annadurai as people especially the young people intend to come back again & again to Annadurai’s Auto in order to get the cashback.

To conclude, Annadurai has really created a remarkable business by incorporating not just one but many remarkable components in his business that people would love to talk about and share.

He has also set an example for others businesses of how they too can create a remarkable business by incorporating some values in their business that are unique and by being consistent with those values.

Prasad is a Solopreneur and a Marketing and Branding Enthusiast. On this blog he writes his opinions and how to's related to Marketing and Branding.

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