Zomato’s Marketing Strategies: What made Zomato so Successful?

Do you wonder what exactly has made Zomato so successful and so recognizable especially among urban youth? Zomato’s story began as Foodiebay in 2007 as an online restaurant discovery platform where it’s founder Deepinder Goyal used to post food menu of restaurants. Zomato has came a long way from there, and now they offer multiple services in multiple countries and can easily be counted as one of the most successful Indian startups. There are a lots of factors that have

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What is Customer Value in Marketing and How to Increase it [Quickly]

Do you ever wonder why you purchase a product or service ‘X’ against 100’s of its competitors? You simply purchase product/service ‘X’ because in your mind or maybe in actual also, the product/service ‘X’ provides more value to you than its competitors products. Now, let me first define what I mean by the term ‘value’ before I go on to talk about the concept of customer value in marketing. Value is one of the most important terms in marketing and

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Annadurai Auto Driver: Great example of a Remarkable Business

Annadurai Auto driver

  When you go on to take an auto ride, what do you expect from it? Probably, just that it takes you safely to your destination and the driver is kind and respectful. Right? But what if I tell you, that an auto driver in Chennai provides magazines, newspapers, tablet, wifi, card swiping machine and much more to his customers and is absolutely committed to not just customer satisfaction but customer delight as well. The auto driver I’m talking about

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Moment Marketing: How to Leverage it to better engage Customers

If you happen to be an active social media user, then you might have noticed your feed flooded with Radhika Apte’s meme these days. And, you might have felt like what exactly is going on here? Why is everyone creating a meme on Radhika Apte? So, let me first take your through the backstory of how these memes came into picture at first place to better understand the whole story which is strictly related to moment marketing. Radhika Apte, an

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Customer Satisfaction: A thing of PAST

One of the most important things for businesses traditionally had always been: Customer Satisfaction. And Rightly so. After All if you are not able to satisfy your customer, then you are in trouble and you won’t be able to last long in the business. But the problem with customer satisfaction is that many businesses take it as a final goal that they want to achieve, as a result they get trapped into mediocrity and it restricts them from looking beyond

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