5 Levels of a Product Explained with an example of a Pen

In this video I have talked about the 5 levels of a product which is a concept given by Philip Kotler. Those 5 levels are: Core benefit Basic Product Expected product Augmented product and, Potential product I’ve talked about these levels in the video, so make sure to check it out. I’ve also created a powerpoint on these product levels for your reference that can be accessed from the link below: https://mailchi.mp/d8c0b282b63d/product-levels

Marketing Tip #1: Use Scarcity Bias to Boost the Sales of a Product/Service

This week I decided to shift my marketing series to Youtube that I was running on Instagram previously because I felt that most of my content was too heavy to be consumed on Instagram. So, now I have got started on Youtube by uploading my very first video. In this video I have talked about how one can use scarcity bias, a cognitive bias to boost the sales of a product or service. Scarcity bias is one of the many

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