Customer Satisfaction: A thing of PAST

One of the most important things for businesses traditionally had always been:

Customer Satisfaction.

And Rightly so. After All if you are not able to satisfy your customer, then you are in trouble and you won’t be able to last long in the business.

But the problem with customer satisfaction is that many businesses take it as a final goal that they want to achieve, as a result they get trapped into mediocrity and it restricts them from looking beyond this goal of customer satisfaction.

Another issue is that, In a competitive marketplace, there are often many businesses that have the capability to successfully fulfill this goal of customer satisfaction and hence customers are getting bored with just being satisfied.

People want much more than mere satisfaction, not just in term of products and service, but in general as well

Just ask yourself this question, what would you rather have:

A satisfactory life or a really fulfilling life?

The only reason your customers are still with your business right now is because all your competitors are doing the same thing that your doing. They are trying to satisfy the customers.

But as soon as an ambitious competitor business comes into picture with a will and capability to surprise, excite and delight the customers, most of your customers won’t even re-consider buying from you.

So, before this happens, you need to open your eyes and look beyond the boring goal of satisfying your customers.

For this you need to analyze what different you can do that is cost-effective and will surprise or excite your customers.

So, for example, barbeque nation have a live counter which is a really unique thing for Indians as they don’t really expect to see a ‘live counter’ in a restaurant. So, a live counter that enable much higher customized food is something that surprises or excites the customers of barbeque nation.

Combining the excitement of your food being prepared on a live counter with good quality and affordable rates results in delighted customers for barbeque nation.

So, to conclude I’ll like to emphasise on the point that customer satisfaction should never be your end goal. You should set ambitious goals supported by your vision and mission in order to really win your customers heart.

The more hearts you win, the more brand equity you’ll earn which will enable you to charge premium and scrape through your boring competitors.

Prasad is a Solopreneur and a Marketing and Branding Enthusiast. On this blog he writes his opinions and how to's related to Marketing and Branding.

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