Moment Marketing: How to Leverage it to better engage Customers

If you happen to be an active social media user, then you might have noticed your feed flooded with Radhika Apte’s meme these days.

And, you might have felt like what exactly is going on here? Why is everyone creating a meme on Radhika Apte?

So, let me first take your through the backstory of how these memes came into picture at first place to better understand the whole story which is strictly related to moment marketing.

Radhika Apte, an Indian actress recently starred in another Netflix series ‘Ghoul’ after featuring in Netflix’s ‘Sacred Games’ and ‘Lust stories’ previously which made some fans frustrated and they started trolling Netflix for signing Radhika over and over again.

Netflix responded humorously by creating a video ‘Omnipresent‘ to show how Radhika is omnipresent in everything Netflix. At the end of the video they even wrote ‘by Radflix’ which was again a funny thing to do to showcase Radhika’s Omnipresence in Netflix.

Zomato then came into picture to take advantage of this situation for their own good. For this, they created the following meme to point out that even the paneer is as versatile as Radhika as you can create variety of different dishes with paneer:

Netflix then responded very smartly by figuring out the alphabets from Radhika’s name in the paneer dishes to strengthen their claim of Radhika’s omnipresence. And this is where the opportunity for other brands occured to showcase their omnipresence as well:

The brands grabbed the opportunity aptly by posting some witty tweets around Netflix and zomato meme:

So, you might have understood by this point that what other brand are doing is that they are simply using the trending Netflix meme as a reference point to show how their brand is as apt, versatile or omnipresent as Radhika.

And this is what Moment marketing is all about.

Moment marketing involves leveraging a trending topic by creating a fun content around it in order to bring your brand in limelight and to engage your customers in a really fun way.

How does moment marketing actually helps?

Moment marketing helps brands in some ways like first of all a witty post created around a trend refreshes your social media accounts which are probably full of boring promotional content.

Secondly, It boosts your engagement (only if) you have done it right and what you have created is humorous and catchy.

Lastly, it gives an impression to your audience that you are an active and witty brand and it enhances your overall perception in people’s mind.

3 easy steps to leverage Moment Marketing with an Example

1. Look for trending things : The first step to leverage moment marketing is to be always aware about what’s hot or what’s trending in your industry as well as in general.

There are many places where you’ll get to know what’s hot or what’s trending. The most obvious ones are Facebook and Twitter’s own trending system which lets you know what’s trending on their platform based on number of posts/tweets. Other then that you can keep track of meme pages such as RVCJ Media and Being Indian which regularly posts these trending things on their social media accounts.

2. Create a piece of content around that trend: Though you can create any type of contentfor example a blog, video, podcast etc. but since memes are much easier to absorb for individuals and they are way more catchy then other type of content, I would recommend you to create a meme to leverage the trending topic and to get the best out of that topic.

The meme that you create should highlight your brand’s style, voice, personality and your differentiating factor. Also make sure that it is attractive so that it can fulfill the purpose of engaging your customers.

Along with Radhika’s meme, another kind of meme is trending now-a-days in India which:

Compares 2 pictures with the text ‘Sochta hoon ke woh kitne maasoom thay’ – ‘How innocent they were’ on first picture and the text ‘Kya se kya ho gya dekhte dekhte’ – ‘Now Look what happened over the period’ on the second picture. Like this:

The above meme is humorously making fun of the age difference between newly wed couple, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas.

You too can leverage this new kind of meme to create some fun content for your audience.

So, let’s suppose you run the brand ‘Complan’, which is a british brand who makes powdered milk energy drinks. The brand uses ‘Rapid Growth in Height of Kids’ as its differentiating factor in advertising. Therefore, you can use the same differentiating factor in a similar meme, like this:

Moment Marketing Example

This one might not look like the most funniest one. But I hope you got my point 😉

This type of meme will open up the fun side of Complain and will enhance its differentiating factor in people’s mind.

3. Share, share and share: Share your content with your audience on all of your social media platform – and don’t forget to use the hashtags for the trending topic around which you have create content. Also, if people are loving what you have created then you can go an extra mile by sponsoring the post much like lifebuoy did in order to get the most out of this opportunity.

Moment Marketing Example

One thing to keep in mind while leveraging moment marketing is that most of the time the trends disappears faster than anything from social media. So, once you have witnessed a trend, you should take immediate action in order to get most out of it.

So, to conclude, moment marketing is really simple, all you have to do is to be aware about what people are talking about and how you can join the conversation to show your witty side in order to better engage your customers and enhance your brand perception.

Prasad is a Solopreneur and a Marketing and Branding Enthusiast. On this blog he writes his opinions and how to's related to Marketing and Branding.

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