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You’re not really a Brand If you can’t excite your Customers

Whenever I hear the term ‘Brand’ the first word that comes into my mind is: ‘Excitement’. Do you know why? Because brands are fu*king exciting in one way or another. I have never heard of a Brand which is not exciting or which is boring. Sure there are companies, lots and lots of companies that do not offer any kind of excitement, but hey that’s why they are not a brand. You get it? If you are in a business

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What are Brand Touchpoints and how to manage them in 3 simple steps

As the name suggests, Brand Touchpoints are the elements of a Brand through which anyone can come in contact with you. Brand touchpoint enables people to see you, read you, listen to you, talk to you and so on. For example, this website is a touchpoint of my business/brand as anyone can come in contact with me through this website. Amazon’s customer service center is a brand touchpoint for their customers and everyone else as they can interact with them

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My Definition of a Brand along with some Characteristics of Brand

Brand is a term that we use quite a lot in our daily lives. But do we really understand what a Brand is? The answer would be Noo! Most of the people use the term ‘brand’ to describe something which is Big and Popular. But honestly it’s lot more deep than that. The term Brand is a vague one hence it is difficult to describe exactly what it means when we say “Brand”. But, I’ll give it a shot here: A

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