Prasad’s Social Media Roundup – Week 1 (3rd to 9th September, 2018)

Last week I started several Marketing related content series on my social media accounts specifically on Instagram where I’m posting posts on these content series on a daily basis.

The Marketing content series that I’ve started are:

Unique Unicorn: In this series, I talk about a unique marketing strategy that is working and working pretty well for a company.

Out of the Box: In this series, I share Marketing tactics that companies use as an actionable part of their strategy.

Marketing Tips: As the name suggest, In this series, I share practical Marketing tips that might come in handy to you.

Marketing Motivation: In this series, I share some great quotes by even great marketers.


3rd September, 2018 – Out of the Box #1

4th September – Marketing Motivation #1

5th September – 2018 – Unique Unicorn #1

6th September – Marketing Tip #1


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Scarcity Bias is one of the many biases that affect our decision making. Humans have a strong scarcity bias which lies in our unconscious assumption of things that are scarce as valuable and things that are abundant as not valuable. Udemy uses this scarcity biases on their website to increase their sales by showing havily discounted prices that are available for only a limited period of time. It helps in two ways: 1. The customer perceives the course as valuable. 2. It pressurize the customer to take the decision as quickly as possible in order take advantage of discounted price. I have personally bought from udemy at multiple times due to scarcity bias. #Marketing #MarketingTips #MarketingStrategy #MarketingaTactics #Udemy #Cognitive #CognitivePsychology #Psychology #InstaMarketing #SocialMediaMarketing #Marketing101

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7th September – Unique Unicorn #2


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Asos, a British online fashion and beauty retailer is one of those many brands that are using User Generated Content (UGC) as part of their Content Marketing Strategy. What Asos does as part of their UGC strategy is that they ask people to tag them or use a particular hashtag whenever they post a photo wearing asos’s own brand or any other brand that asos sells. Asos then shares some of those photos on their social accounts. The unique thing about Asos’s User Generated Content Strategy is that they even share the name and code of dress that the person is wearing in the photo. So that it’s easier for someone looking at the photo to find that dress and purchase it. Asos is doing some more unique things that I’ll be sharing in upcoming posts. #Asos #AsosFashion #AsosMarketPlace #Asseenonme #Marketing #MarketingStrategy #MarketingTips #UserGeneratedContent

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8th September – Out of the box #2

9th September – Marketing Tip #2

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